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tv   [untitled]    March 27, 2013 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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the biggest ever cyber attack has allegedly slowed down internet access globally as a clash between a spam filtering company and a hosting across the world wide web. talk turns to action at the bric summit in south africa where the world's top emerging economies staking out a challenge to the dollar and green lighting a massive new. hunger strike reaches its fiftieth day amid fears the inmates fight against prison mistreatment could turn deadly and leave questions for u.s. government officials to keep silent on the issue. and the chief of his biggest bank gets the boot to predict and european banks get panicked
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and said about brussels potentially reaching into account some top stories. international news and comment live from a studio in moscow this is r.t. with you twenty four hours a day a battle is waging across the internet the geneva based nonprofit spam filtering organization says it's one of the worst ever cyber attack so strong it's slowing down internet access globally it's allegedly a strike from a dutch web hosting company called cyber bunker which days before well thanks to a new video agency ruptly we could not get in touch with. a spokesman for cyber bunker now you being accused of this massive cyber attack are you responsible.
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well as most of us did it's a group or find another provider which goes in the next up house the go it's basically a collective or a lot of people and internet providers. have previous issues which have a bunker with. or if you will with spam out. spamhaus pretends to be implied or the fact of the censorship organization which works itself into the position where they can just go into the web site and have been shut down. and they do it on a regular basis if people do not comply to the work to get demands they just list the entire internet provider after which all the girls restart to complain that they can no longer send email and work but i put it says you will the company send out loads of spam are you one of those companies that could be described as a scourge of modern day society and making our lives totally miserable with all
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that spam. actually our company firewalls all email by default. spamming is against the law but spamhaus is not on the outs or to instance to handle that. why do you think you're being singled out can you just explain again why this particular company should be targeting you and why you've taken action against this company only because we were the only ones to have the balls to and of gave spamhaus there are these people are blackmailing missional domain just to appease the russian. regulatory people they call them an illegal organization. what why explain a bit more why that blackmailing organizations and companies to tell us more about that how do they do that they have got they have got a whole anti-spam d.n.a.'s b.-l. blacklist people choose to raise all their blacklist on their middle servers and if
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they do have spent how serious an issue. does people no longer receive those emails you know. they won't what they do when people do not. at the moment i'm an individual ip address actually would send out spam and would get a list of it at that point the people that used to use spamhaus no longer can receive email from that ip address but spamhaus knows a lot of hurt and spamhaus does not only list that single and be addressed if you do not believe disconnect this customer and are for breach of contract ok and they list you or entire network a right ok fine but let's not get too complicated with details but what's happened now is this back between us led to a massive global internet slowdown affecting millions of people organizations and businesses is that fair that that action should be taken dragging in the rest of the world as it were. well basically just cloud flare putting itself in the middle
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class where to go on a customer that was under attack in an attempt to make good p.r. for themselves. it's going to backfire. because of the murders by the. look of the murder so. what's going to happen now five national cyber police forces are involved in this attack is somebody going to be held a count could somebody go to prison over this because somebody be fined is this going to be resolved. people to do the attacks or any country you were doing it he does or there could be is legal or where they can even be found. if you are there. or what will have to leave it there actually fan we're running out of time spent enough company spokesman for the web hosting company cyber bunker thank you very much indeed for your time not an ati thank you.
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a new global bank is being born in south africa where the world's top emerging economies are meeting the new financial powerhouse will be a direct challenger to the world bank and the i.m.f. both dominated by the u.s. brazil russia india china and south africa also a green light to the new mammoth crisis fund and he did they would ditch the dollar auntie's you can position of who's at the summit has more for us now. the five member states of the organization have agreed to establish our joint anti crisis fund possibly reaching one hundred billion dollars although the details are still being worked out currently its plans are that the how much each country will have to chip in to this fund will directly. directly connected to each of g.d.p. but talks on this project will continue to the next g twenty summit in washington when an ambitious project for an ambitious organisation for the past twenty years the five member states of this organization have been the most
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a rapidly developing economies in the world it's thought that they're growing faster around seven times faster than those of the g seven nations and it's estimated that by the year twenty twenty combined two brics nations will make up over twenty percent of global trade among other of a long term plans which have already been decided to here in south africa is the creation of a joint development bank possibly with a starting capital of around fifty billion u.s. dollars and it's planned that it will it will be independent from the international monetary fund and the world bank which are controlled by the united states and europe and now also china and brazil have decided to use their national currencies when conducting and you'll be half of the payments between each other as a direct challenge to the dollar russia and china are already using a similar scheme and the idea is that other members of ricks will soon follow
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because they see the dollar is increasingly becoming more vulnerable to shocks caused by crises in general it's clear that brics nations do want to protect their economies the they do want to be more independent from western financial institutions especially in the times of some heavy problems with the western finite . model in general and what we're witnessed here in south africa is definitely words turning into action and truly a transformation of this organization from a forum for dialogue to a real working mechanism. the world bank has already promised to cooperate with the brics development fund as and when the financial institution materializes well let's get some comment on the summit now with r.t. contributor afshin return see in london action challenging the i.m.f. and the world bank it's a little bit on bush isn't it for a group of nations that in effect are economic upstart so they're still developing
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. it's half the world's population the i.m.f. and world bank for decades have acted as bad cop good cop as it were we mustn't forget how historic day which is being said the potential for this is infinite and the south african finance minister said of course all the arrangements cannot be made overnight for decades the i.m.f. the world bank would offer money to developing nations and the i.m.f. would threaten those nations with torture instability murder on a mass scale we just have to speak to a guatemalan or a argentinian or an african to know how the world bank and i have operated for so many decades and killed so many millions tens of millions of people losing their policies in giving aid only dependent on their particular brand of what the washington consensus. the brics countries we can tell how frightened we had you
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wanted powers are and we corporate economists because already they are saying that the brics summit was a disaster and no progress at all was made on this bank at all despite your reporting the hundred billion dollars a caption maybe the intentions are good then to set up this independent fund as it were this bailout fund this development bank but of course who's in charge that's the thing it's a volatile mix that of these companies countries that they've got different governments of course they have different rivalries different interest not a lot in common so do you think they will be united enough not just to manage this particular next venture but also to co-exist in the future. well that's to remember that a similar type of fund of currency swaps now valued around two hundred forty billion was founded around after the ninety seven crash in southeast asia the chiang mai initiative and that's governed strength to strength but of course what's different about the brics one is that it's going to be continually going to be attempts at
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trying to subvert it all the time and all the different countries of course have competing interests i think one of the reasons why we didn't see an immediate announcement of the launch of the bank the location of the bank and so forth out of those five thousand delegates in durban there were definitely some i.m.f. and world bank people milling around and according to people like former i.m.f. man who wrote i think the book is a memoir that he can only probably be a fair degree of spies there too threatening people trying to destroy the negotiations and trying to exaggerate the differences you just outlined between economies that are of course different but the fact that right wing people like david frum in foreign policy can be so quick to bricks the axis asymmetry shows how behind the times people in washington really are this pond to be a little nervousness and suspicions raise when that definitely is a hint coming from brics that they're going to challenge the donor. yes i think the
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challenge of the dollar and many people have been forecasting this and of course love has to do with the petro dollar so one shouldn't exaggerate the proximity to the end of the dollar because of this announcement you know what this announcement really is about is saying no longer do the i.m.f. and world bank have that monopoly to threaten countries they don't no longer do you need to go chivers normal governments with leaders quite not quite as charismatic can carry through ideas about health care infrastructure the daily bread and butter of lives in a developing nation without constantly being threatened with death squads unless they follow the path of allowing foreign well the nationals based in washington and part of the washington consensus dictating their policies action live there in london afshin rattansi altie contributor thank you very much and if you thoughts could hear from me the breakdown of bricks new plans and what impact they may have
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on the global economy still ahead for you in the business update that's in the next hour. it's now fifty days since the biggest hunger strike began and america's war on terror detention facility with no progress being made to stop the protests which could be close to turning deadly the appetite for justice and acceptable treatment has seen three of the protesting inmates hospitalized want to say at least ten being force fed. brings us the latest. this hunger strike at the guantanamo bay detention center grows more dangerous by the day the international committee of the red cross has announced that they have sent a doctor and another delegate to the island prison a week earlier than planned because of concerns surrounding the health of those
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hunger strikers participating in this protest now the i.c.r.c. representatives are scheduled to make a regular two week visit to the detention camp on april first but as we already just reported the organization says that they sent two representatives early due to issues in the concerns relating to the hunger strike now in the meantime navy captain robert duran to spokesman for the detention operation who we've been communicating with more than two weeks now confirms that thirty one of the one hundred sixty six give no prisoners are on hunger strike eleven of the men are being force fed three of those men were hospitalized for rehydration an observation now two weeks ago when r.t. reached out to captain and he dismissed any reports or allegations of a mass hunger strike taking place at the detention facility then the numbers started escalating and now this hunger strike began according to attorneys on or
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around february sixth attorneys say that the prisoners went on the strike to protest the allegedly confiscation of their personal items and they allege it sacrilege is handling of their korans this is not just about treatment this is about the fact that these inmates of these detainee detainees have lost hope. that closing guantanamo bay is still a realistic priority for us president barack obama he promised to close down this prison by the beginning of twenty ten there's one hundred sixty six six prisoners languishing still. more than half of them have been cleared for either transfer or release attorneys say that by holding these men without charge without trial the united states is violating international laws of human rights so i'm sure no
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spokesman and head of media relations for the international committee of the red cross in north america i spoke to a little earlier he blames poor legal regulation in guantanamo for the plight of its in the aids from our observations we are those tensions and and this anguish that detainees are experiencing is clearly related to the lack of a clear legal framework in guantanamo and this is now a real impact and as an impact forty three days for some time on their mental health on their emotional and this is what we're seeing played out today and so for us would be the issue beyond just what you know we are seeing right now in guantanamo is this issues that you reported touched on that lawyers are talking about the issue of the legal framework that regiments the detention of guantanamo and this is the issue that administration must address. for the seven weeks the hunger strike has been taking place r.t. has been gathering statements from lawyers activists prison officials and international organizations where you can head to our special time line on t.v.
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dot com to find out more about what's happening at guantanamo and what impact that this hunger strike is having and the sort of reaction it's getting from around the world among the media and authorities and indeed groups and activities who are concerned about what's happening there and we want to know what you think about what is happening there at guantanamo and where are you on the web site at the moment the result of the ongoing hunger strike what will it be well so far this hour we can see the majority fifty eight percent think that the prisoners who are on hunger strike could die some of them could die but it would lead to very little change any perhaps maybe a few token policy changes we can see that twenty one percent believe that conditions could improve that the hunger strike could achieve something for the inmates there fifteen percent believe that the prison camp could be closed but indefinite detention could continue but elsewhere and finally the minority six percent think that the bad press at the moment that the prison camps getting could
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lead to indefinite detention being stopped those are the thoughts of the moment that's how you're responding to our web poll at the moment dot com be good to hear from you this is r.t. coming to you live from the russian capital i'll be back in just a few minutes as the news continues and in the next hour u.k. immigrants now face a revamp controversial citizenship test that includes wide ranging questions on history in sports even some members of the british parliament can't answer. and also still to come plenty of other stories stay with us live here on r.t. .
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news continues here on our credit rating agencies are ringing alarm bells over cyprus saying the e.u. is bungled rescue has sent investors packing across europe out of thousands of cypriots the sand on the presidential palace demonstrating against the troika and looming a sturdy process for the tax haven all came with some of the harshest conditions yet including a deposit tax banks and now reporting mass schools from fifth will save it's looking to get money out of the people well for more perspective on the crisis now i'm joined by one of this part of a fund he's from the brussels based she foundation policy think tank well the e.u. of course the authorities there have been heavily criticised but the end result is that so i press has been saved so it doesn't that means justify the end. well you say through the measures that have been taken. we surely rocco you're. holding. your life robbery against the law and use of.
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next. person into the euro how long unknown provisioned is still alive. but certainly the island very badly damaged. credibility banking system which really is soft doesn't exist anymore so is this a good solution well one of course one big consequences the panic it sent throughout the whole of the eurozone for savers with their deposits and other banks now of course is there a way now to convince those people that their money will be self safe elsewhere. easer very bad press the second because one of the basic sort of cut the system is that they're protecting private property you know what's in the bag in terms of one hundred posts in the bank account is private property you know by got to this
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measure basically has been established the rule pro publica x. is because there's been in cyprus will this be allowed also other countries in europe so that you seen according to the chairman of the euro. so it could be addressed and. he said you need this try to calm down a democracy but there's a mental effect it's very bad for everybody. and so the long term impact although this is a very small economy what's happened there in cyprus the impact could be very says particularly for southern euro zone members why is that. well the situation in the sun for countries in europe so. is there a shape is. the believe it or. not. it will
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be really catastrophe to see. a solution. to each of your speed this will be. the same for evolution people very very few of us. let's just go back to the crux of what happened there in cyprus its reputation as a tax haven has been all but destroyed of course and what has the crisis done to not just its reputation cypresses but also the fact that the greece the greek whole problem was overlooked by the european authorities it cooked his books wiped out billions so really isn't greece to blame because of course cyprus had so much of its money weighing on what was going on in greece. this is once again nor was the same story and the european authorities. were also inside. they were not caught everyone
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here and i'm. not just a citizen and i know you very well. in cyprus and so while she lay there. and tried to have the posters. account holders in states thanks very much and if you thought part of the phony analysts from the brussels based g.p. foundation policy think tank life here in r.t. thank you. the stone age the jury service in the london olympics is just three subjects you can now be quizzed on if you want to become a british citizen the new version of the controversial u.k. citizenship test as just being put into place and it being harshly criticized for its difficulty and focus on history as r.t. sarah first reports many brits themselves struggled to find answers to some of the questions. olsen's column the famous british landmark in london's trafalgar square
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built to commemorate admiral nelson he died in the bus or to follow in eighteen a boy this is also now be our first one of the questions persons since that time the way he is being criticized focusing too much on historical information and not enough on practical knowledge it's become a standard joke and i mean that you know for something which is supposed to be taken seriously and you know when it was first announced we were involved in a few little quiz sessions where even you know prominent members of the people who in the past have been prominent members of the government were being asked questions like who was the british king who expel the danes for. i'm guessing completely and hopelessly wrong and yet he's disciplined so these. very muffet say that by pissing british culture and history at the heart of the system that they're ensuring that they still want to settle in britain permanently fully understand
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british life those criticisms about the test being overly complex and focusing too much on historical information do the questions really represent what it means to be british let's find out we put some of these questions to members of the british public to find out how they fare which led looks a prehistoric monument which stands in the english country of well. the name of the admiral he's got a monument here in trafalgar square a lot notion yes that's right ok we've got another one for you because this is an assistant shit test what you call the second largest party in the house of commons conservatives is the opposition. you go one of the to the name of the admiral he died in battle in eight hundred eighty five and has a monument here in trafalgar square. maybe i did give you a hint guys it's a. i know. there is all
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sorts of questions i've gone through them it's not as if these questions are going to be such people it's going to be done online and they get to have plenty of opportunity to look through a very thin book but frankly i'd mug up for it if they can't do that then i think that's a little bunch they see once a pos the testimony for eighteen of the twenty four questions correctly and the need to learn details historical backgrounds if they want to become. and many people d. last year more than one hundred fifty thousand people took the said since it test nationally almost eighty thousand of which were here in london. a new reason to pick your words carefully when tweeting about your job recently launched applications of the social network or negative posts you make about your work or your boss had to a website to learn more on that. sweet deal to its annual list of new words for the first time removing the term on google after succumbing to pressure from the
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american john find out more about that at all t.v. dot com. that's all from me for now about the news team and more hoffa now from now in the meantime syria's ongoing term loan is up for discussion and peter lavelle's crosstalk after the break. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm. part of the big picture.
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